AUD: Ambedkar University Delhi

The Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University Delhi (Ambedkar University Delhi or AUD) was established by the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi through an Act of Legislature in 2007 and was notified in July 2008. Its is a public University with a multi campus, unitary structure with undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes in the social sciences and the humanities.

Mandated to focus on research and teaching in the social sciences and humanities and guided by Dr Ambedkar's vision of bridging equality and social justice with excellence, AUD considers it to be its mission to create sustainable and effective linkages between access to and success in higher education. AUD is committed to creating an institutional culture characterized by humanism, non-hierarchical and collegial environment, teamwork and nuturance of creativity.

  1. School of Development Studies
  2. School of Education Studies
  3. School of Human Ecology
  4. School of Human Studies
  5. School of Undergraduate Studies
  6. School of Culture and Creative Expressions
  7. School of Design
  8. School of Business, Public Policy and Social Entrepreneurship
  9. School of Law, Governance and Citizenship
  10. School of Liberal Studies
  11. School of Letters
  12. School of Vocational Studies
  1. Centre for Psychotherapy and Clinical Research (CPCR)
  2. Centre for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES)
  3. Centre for Community Knowledge (CCK)
  4. Centre for Early Childhood Education and Development (CECED)
  5. Centre for Development Practice (CDP)
  6. Centre for Social Science Research Methods (CSSRM)
  7. Centre for English Language Education (CELE)
  8. AUD Centre for Incubation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ACIIE)

Courses Offered at Ambedkar University Delhi

Undergraduate Programmes

Kashmere Gate Campus
  1. BA Honours with a Major in Economics
  2. BA Honours with a Major in English
  3. BA Honours with a Major in History
  4. BA Honours with a Major in Mathematics
  5. BA Honours with a Major in Psychology
  6. BA Honours with a Major in Sociology
  7. BA Honours with a Major in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)
  8. BA Honours with a Major in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)
Karampura Campus
  1. BVoc in Early Childhood Centre Management and Entrepreneurship
  2. BVoc in Retail Management
  3. BVoc in Tourism and Hospitality
  4. BA in Global Studies
  5. BA in Law and Politics
  6. BA in Sustainable Urbanism
  7. BA in Social Sciences and Humanities

Postgraduate Programmes

Kashmere Gate Campus
  1. MA in History
  2. MA in Development Studies
  3. MA in Environment & Development
  4. MA in Gender Studies
  5. MA in Psychology (Psychosocial Clinical Studies)
  6. MA in Visual Art Practice
  7. MA in Economics
  8. MA in Literary Art Creative Writing
  9. MA in English
  10. MA in Sociology
  11. MA in Performance Studies
  12. MA in Film Studies
  13. MDes (Social Design)
  14. Masters in Business Administration
Karampura Campus
  1. MA Urban Studies
  2. MA Global studies
  3. MA in Law, Politics and Society
Lodhi Road Campus
  1. M.A. Education (Early Childhood Care and Education)
  2. MA in Education

MPhil and PhD Programmes

  1. MPhil in Comparative Literature and Translation Studies
  2. MPhil in Development Practice
  3. MPhil in Hindi
  4. MPhil in History
  5. MPhil in Mathematics
  6. MPhil in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  7. MPhil in Women & Gender Studies

PhD Programme

  1. PhD in Comparative Literature and Translation Studies
  2. PhD in Development Studies
  3. PhD in English
  4. PhD in Film Studies
  5. PhD in Hindi
  6. PhD in History
  7. PhD in Human Ecology
  8. PhD in Literary Art
  9. PhD in Mathematics
  10. PhD in Management
  11. PhD in Psychology
  12. PhD in Visual Art
  13. PhD in Women & Gender Studies

Ambedkar University Delhi Application Process

All the eligible candidates will be able to apply online for admission to Ambedkar University Delhi. Candidates are required to visit the Ambedkar University Delhi official website -

To know more about How to write online application successfully, click here.

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Ambedkar University Delhi Contact Details

AUD Kashmere Gate Campus
Lothian Road, Kashmere Gate,
Delhi 110006

AUD Karampura Campus
Ambedkar University Delhi, Shivaji Marg, Karampura,
New Delhi-110015,

AUD Lodhi Road Campus
Aliganj, BK Dutt Colony, Lodhi Road
New Delhi 110003


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