Jamia Milia Islamia

Jamia Millia Islamia, an institution originally established at Aligarh in United Provinces, India in 1920 became a Central University by an act of the Indian Parliament in 1988. In Urdu language, Jamia means ‘University’, and Millia means ‘National’.

The story of its growth from a small institution in the pre-independence India to a central university located in New Delhi—offering integrated education from nursery to research in specialized areas—is a saga of dedication, conviction and vision of a people who worked against all odds and saw it growing step by step. They “built up the Jamia Millia stone by stone and sacrifice by sacrifice,” said Sarojini Naidu, the nightingale of India.Responding to Gandhiji’s call to boycott all educational institutions supported or run by the colonial regime, a group of nationalist teachers and students quit Aligarh Muslim University, protesting against its pro-British inclinations. The prominent members of this movement were Maulana Mehmud Hasan, Maulana Mohamed Ali, Hakim Ajmal Khan, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Ansari, and Abdul Majid Khwaja.

Born out of political crisis, it seemed for a while, Jamia would not survive the heat of the intense political struggle for the independence of India. It participated in the Bardoli resolution and sent volunteers across the country to motivate people to fight for the freedom of the country. The colonial British government soon imprisoned many of its teachers and students. In 1922, Gandhiji called off the non-cooperation movement. Even as its teachers and students were being released, Mustapha Kemal Ataturk declared the end of the Khilafat in 1924.

Suddenly Jamia saw itself in a great crisis. Some thought it had achieved its mission, as others believed that the institution had lost its raison d’etre with the end of the non-cooperation and the Khilafat movements. Even the little financial assistance, that the Khilafat had been giving it, also dried up. As even prominent people started deserting it, Jamia’s total collapse virtually became an imminent possibility.

In 1962, the University Grants Commission declared the Jamia a ‘deemed to be University’. Soon thereafter, the School of Social Work was established in 1967. In 1971, Jamia started the Zakir Husain Institute of Islamic Studies, to honour Dr. Zakir Husain, who had passed away in 1969. BE course in Civil Engineering commenced in 1978; in 1981, the faculties of Humanities and Languages, Natural Sciences, Social Science, and the State Resource Centre were founded. In 1983, it started the Mass Communication Research Centre and the Centre for Coaching and Career Planning. In 1985, it established the Faculty of Engineering & Technology and the University Computer Centre. Academic Staff College and the Academy of Third World Studies followed in 1987 and 1988.

By a Special Act of the Parliament, Jamia Millia Islamia was made a central university of India in December 1988. In the list of the Faculties, i.e. Education, Humanities & Languages, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences. Engineering & Technology, one more Faculty - Faculty of Law, was added in 1989. Many new courses and programmes at UG and PG levels have since been added.

Faculties of Jamia Milia Islamia

  1. Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics
  2. Faculty of Dentistry
  3. Faculty of Education
  4. Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  5. Faculty of Fine Arts
  6. Faculty of Humanities and Languages
  7. Faculty of Law
  8. Faculty of Natural Sciences
  9. Faculty of Social Sciences

Departments of Jamia Milia Islamia

  1. Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension
  2. Department of Applied Art
  3. Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities
  4. Department of Arabic
  5. Department of Architecture
  6. Department of Art Education
  7. Department of Art History & Art Appreciation
  8. Department of Biosciences
  9. Department of Biotechnology
  10. Department of Chemistry
  11. Department of Civil Engineering
  12. Department of Commerce and Business Studies
  13. Department of Computer Engineering
  14. Department of Computer Science
  15. Department of Economics
  16. Department of Educational Studies
  17. Department of Electrical Engineering
  18. Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
  19. Department of English
  20. Department of Geography
  21. Department of Graphic Art
  22. Department of Hindi
  23. Department of History and Culture
  24. Department of Islamic Studies
  25. Department of Mathematics
  26. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  27. Department of Painting
  28. Department of Persian
  29. Department of Physics
  30. Department of Political Science
  31. Department of Psychology
  32. Department of Sanskrit
  33. Department of Sculpture
  34. Department of Social Work
  35. Department of Sociology
  36. Department of Teacher Training & Non-formal Education
  37. Department of Tourism, Hotel, Hospitality and Heritage Studies
  38. Department of Urdu
  39. University Polytechnic

Jamia Milia Islamia Centers

(A) Centres created through statute 22:
  1. A.J.K. Mass Communication Research Centre
(B) Centres created through statute 22-A:
  1. Dr. Zakir Husain Institute of Islamic Studies
  2. FTK-Centre for Information Technology
  3. MMAJ Academy of International Studies
  4. Centre for Distance and Open Learning
  5. Centre for Management Studies
  6. Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution
  7. Centre for Jawaharlal Nehru Studies
  8. Centre for Comparative Religions and Civilizations
  9. Centre for West Asian Studies
  10. Dr. K.R. Narayanan Centre for Dalit and Minorities Studies
  11. Centre for Spanish and Latin American Studies
  12. Academy of Professional Development of Urdu Medium Teachers
  13. Centre for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences
  14. Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research
  15. Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  16. Centre for Theoretical Physics
  17. India - Arab Cultural Centre
  18. Centre for Culture Media & Governance
  19. Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sciences
(C) Other Centres:
  1. Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy
  2. Central Instrumentation Facility
  3. UGC-Human Resource Development Centre
  4. Centre for Coaching and Career Planning
  5. Jamia's Premchand Archives & Literary Centre
  6. Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women's Studies
  7. University Counseling & Guidance Centre
  8. Centre for Early Childhood Development and Research
  9. Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  10. Multidisciplinary Centre for Advance Research and Studies

Courses Offered at Jamia Milia Islamia

List of Regular Programmes/Courses

Doctoral Programmes
  1. M.Phil /Ph.D. (Gulf Studies)
  2. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Arabic)
  3. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Art History & Art Appreciation)
  4. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Biosciences)
  5. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Biotechnology)
  6. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Chemistry)
  7. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Commerce & Business Studies)
  8. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Comparative Religions)
  9. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Computer Science)
  10. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Culture Media & Governance)
  11. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Dalit & Minorities Studies)
  12. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Development Studies, CJNS)
  13. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Early Childhood Development)
  14. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Economics)
  15. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Educational Studies)
  16. M.Phil/Ph.D.(English)
  17. M.Phil/Ph.D.(European Studies /Latin American Studies)
  18. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Extension Education)
  19. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Gender Studies)
  20. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Geography)
  21. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Hindi)
  22. M.Phil/Ph.D.(History)
  23. M.Phil/Ph.D.(IASE)
  24. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Information Technology)
  25. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sc.)
  26. M.Phil/Ph.D.(International Studies)
  27. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Islamic Studies)
  28. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Law)
  29. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Management)
  30. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Mass Communication)
  31. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Mathematics)
  32. M.Phil/Ph.D.(MCARS)
  33. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Nanotechnology)
  34. M.Phil/Ph.D.(North East India Studies)
  35. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Peace & Conflict Studies)
  36. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Persian)
  37. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Physics)
  38. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Physiotherapy & Rehab. Sc)
  39. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Political Science)
  40. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Psychology)
  41. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Sanskrit)
  42. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy)
  43. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Social Work)
  44. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Sociology)
  45. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Theoretical Physics)
  46. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Tourism and Hospitality)
  47. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Unani Medicine (IlmulAdvia/ Moalajat)
  48. M.Phil/Ph.D.(Urdu)
  49. M.Phil/Ph.D.(West Asian Studies)
  50. Ph.D.(Applied Science & Humanities)
  51. Ph.D.(Architecture)
  52. Ph.D.(Civil Engineering)
  53. Ph.D.(Computer Engineering)
  54. Ph.D.(Electrical Engineering)
  55. Ph.D.(Electronics & Communication)
  56. Ph.D.(Mechanical Engineering)
Masters Programmes
  1. L.L.M.
  2. L.L.M. (Executive) (Self-financed) Weekend Programme
  3. M.A. (International Studies -Arab-Islamic Culture)
  4. M.A.(Applied Psychology)
  5. M.A.(Arabic)
  6. M.A.(Comparative Religion)
  7. M.A.(Conflict Analysis and Peace Building)
  8. M.A.(Convergent Journalism) (Self-financed)
  9. M.A.(Development Communication) (Self-financed)
  10. M.A.(Early Childhood Development)
  11. M.A.(Economics)
  12. M.A.(Education)
  13. M.A.(Educational Planning & Administration)
  14. M.A.(English)
  15. M.A.(Gender Studies)
  16. M.A.(Hindi)
  17. M.A.(History)
  18. M.A.(Human Resource Management)
  19. M.A.(Human Rights & Duties Edu.)
  20. M.A.(International Relations-West Asian Studies)
  21. M.A.(Islamic Studies)
  22. M.A.(Mass Communication)
  23. M.A.(Media Governance)
  24. M.A.(Persian)
  25. M.A.(Political Science)
  26. M.A.(Politics: International & Area Studies)
  27. M.A.(Public Administration)
  28. M.A.(Sanskrit)
  29. M.A.(Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy)
  30. M.A.(Social Work)
  31. M.A.(Sociology)
  32. M.A.(Urdu)
  33. M.A.(Visual Effect and Animation) (Self-financed)
  34. M.A./M.Sc. (Development Extension)
  35. M.A./M.Sc.(Geography)
  36. M.A./M.Sc.(Mathematics) (Self-financed, Evening)
  37. M.Arch. (Architecture Pedagogy/ Building Services/ Health Architecture/ Recreation Architecture/ Urban Regeneration/Ekistics)
  38. M.B.A.(Executive) (Self-financed/part-time)
  39. M.B.A.(Full Time)
  40. M.B.A.(International Business) (Self-financed)
  41. M.C.A.(Master of Computer Application)
  42. M.Com.(Business Management)
  43. M.Ed.
  44. M.Ed.(Special Education)
  45. M.F.A.(Applied Art)
  46. M.F.A.(Art Education)
  47. M.F.A.(Art History & Art Appreciation)
  48. M.F.A.(Graphic Art)
  49. M.F.A.(Painting)
  50. M.F.A.(Sculpture)
  51. M.Lib.I.Sc. (Master of Library & Information Science) (Self-Financed)
  52. M.P.T.(Sports/Orthopaedics/Neurology/Cardiopulmonary) (Self-financed)
  53. M.Sc.(Biochemistry) (Self-financed, Evening)
  54. M.Sc.(Bioinformatics) (Self-financed, Evening)
  55. M.Sc.(Biophysics)
  56. M.Sc.(Bioscience)
  57. M.Sc.(Biotechnology)
  58. M.Sc.(Chemistry: Materials /Inorganic /Organic /Physical Chemistry)
  59. M.Sc.(Disaster Management and Climate Sustainability Studies)
  60. M.Sc.(Electronics)
  61. M.Sc.(Mathematics Education) under Meta University program
  62. M.Sc.(Mathematics with Computer Science)
  63. M.Sc.(Microbiology) (Self-financed, Evening)
  64. M.Sc.(Physics)
  65. M.Sc.Tech.(Industrial Mathematics With Computer Application) (S.F.)
  66. M.Tech. in Computational Mathematics (Self-Finance)
  67. M.Tech. in Energy Sciences (Self-Finance)
  68. M.Tech.(Computer Engineering)
  69. M.Tech.(Control & Instrumentation Systems)
  70. M.Tech.(Earthquake Engineering)
  71. M.Tech.(Electrical Power System & Management)
  72. M.Tech.(Electronics & Communication Engineering)
  73. M.Tech.(Environmental Science & Engineering) (Part-time)
  74. M.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering: Machine Design, Thermal Engg.,Production and Industrial Engg.)
  75. M.Tech.(Nanotechnology) (Self-financed)
  76. Master(Tourism and Travel Management) (MTTM) (Self-financed)
Postgraduate Diploma Programmes
  1. PG Diploma in Acting (Self-financed)
  2. PG Diploma in Air Space Law
  3. PG Diploma in Broadcast Technology (Self-financed)
  4. PG Diploma in Computer Applications
  5. PG Diploma in Digital Cartography
  6. PG Diploma in Educational Management(Self-financed)
  7. PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design Thinking
  8. PG Diploma in Iranology (Part-time)
  9. PG Diploma in Journalism (Hindi Medium) (Self-financed)
  10. PG Diploma in Labour Law
  11. PG Diploma in Remote Sensing & GIS Application
  12. PG Diploma in Still Photography & Visual Communication (Self-financed)
  13. PG Diploma in T.V Journalism (Hindi Medium) (Self-financed)
  14. PG Diploma in Urdu Mass Media
Undergraduate Programmes
  1. B.A.
  2. B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)/B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) (Self-financed)
  3. B.A.(Hons.)(Arabic)
  4. B.A.(Hons.)(Economics)
  5. B.A.(Hons.)(English)
  6. B.A.(Hons.)(Hindi)
  7. B.A.(Hons.)(History)
  8. B.A.(Hons.)(Islamic Studies)
  9. B.A.(Hons.)(Mass Media Hindi)
  10. B.A.(Hons.)(Persian)
  11. B.A.(Hons.)(Political Science)
  12. B.A.(Hons.)(Psychology)
  13. B.A.(Hons.)(Sanskrit)
  14. B.A.(Hons.)(Sociology)
  15. B.A.(Hons.)(Turkish Language & Literature)
  16. B.A.(Hons.)(Urdu)
  17. B.A./B.Sc.(Hons.) (Geography)
  18. B.Arch. / B.Arch. (Self Financing)
  19. B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  20. B.Com. (Hons)
  21. B.D.S.
  22. B.E.(Civil Engineering) (Evening)
  23. B.E.(Computer Engineering) (Evening)
  24. B.E.(Electrical Engineering) (Evening)
  25. B.E.(Electronics & Communication Engineering)(Evening)
  26. B.E.(Mechanical Engineering)( Evening)
  27. B.Ed.
  28. B.Ed.(Nursery Education)
  29. B.Ed.(Special Education)
  30. B.F.A. (Applied Art)
  31. B.F.A. (Art Education)
  32. B.F.A. (Painting)
  33. B.F.A. (Sculpture)
  34. B.Lib. I.Sc. (Bachelor of Library & Information Science) (Self-Financed)
  35. B.P.T. Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  36. B.Sc.
  37. B.Sc. Aeronautics
  38. B.Sc.(Bioscience)
  39. B.Sc.(Biotechnology)
  40. B.Sc.(Hons.) (Applied Mathematics)
  41. B.Sc.(Hons.) (Mathematics)
  42. B.Sc.(Hons.) (Physics)
  43. B.Sc.(Hons.) Chemistry
  44. B.Sc.(Instrumentation)
  45. B.Tech.(Civil Engineering)
  46. B.Tech.(Computer Engineering)
  47. B.Tech.(Electrical Engineering)
  48. B.Tech.(Electronics & Comm.Engg)
  49. B.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering)
  50. B.Voc. (Solar Energy)
  51. B.Voc. in Food Production (Self-Finance)
  52. Bachelor of Arts with Computer Applications
  53. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) (Self-financed)
  54. Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM) (Self-financed)
Advanced Diploma Programmes
  1. Advanced Diploma in Counseling Psychology (Self-financed)
  2. Advanced Diploma in French (part-time)
  3. Advanced Diploma in Italian (part-time)
  4. Advanced Diploma in Modern Arabic Language and Translation
  5. Advanced Diploma in Modern Persian
  6. Advanced Diploma in Pashto
  7. Advanced Diploma in Portuguese (part-time)
  8. Advanced Diploma in Public Health
  9. Advanced Diploma in Russian (part-time)
  10. Advanced Diploma in Spanish (part-time)
  11. Advanced Diploma in Turkish (Part-time)
Diploma Programmes
  1. Diploma Engineering (Civil/ Computer/ Electrical/ Electronics/ Mechanical) (Self-financed)
  2. Diploma Engineering (Regular) (Civil/Computer/Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical)
  3. Diploma in Chinese Language (Part-time)
  4. Diploma in Disaster Management (Self-financed, Evening)
  5. Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)
  6. Diploma in French (part-time)
  7. Diploma in Hospitality Management (Self-Finance)
  8. Diploma in Italian (part-time)
  9. Diploma in Kazhaki
  10. Diploma in Korean Language
  11. Diploma in Modern Arabic Language and Translation
  12. Diploma in Modern Persian
  13. Diploma in Pashto Language
  14. Diploma in Portuguese (part-time)
  15. Diploma in Russian (part-time)
  16. Diploma in Spanish (part-time)
  17. Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management (Self-financed)
  18. Diploma in Translation Proficiency in English
  19. Diploma in Turkemenian
  20. Diploma in Turkish (Part-time)
  21. Diploma in Unani Pharmacy
  22. Diploma in Uzbek
  23. Intensive Diploma in Chinese Language
Certificate Programmes
  1. Certificate in Calligraphy (Self-financed/part-time)
  2. Certificate in Chinese Language (Part-time)
  3. Certificate in Commercial Art (Self-financed/part-time)
  4. Certificate in Escorting and Tour Management (Self-Financed)
  5. Certificate in French (part-time)
  6. Certificate in Italian (part-time)
  7. Certificate in Kazhaki
  8. Certificate in Korean Language
  9. Certificate in Medical and Wellness Tourism (Self-Financed)
  10. Certificate in Modern Arabic Language and Translation
  11. Certificate in Modern Persian
  12. Certificate in Pashto Language
  13. Certificate in Photography (Self-financed/part-time)
  14. Certificate in Portuguese (part-time)
  15. Certificate in Russian (part-time)
  16. Certificate in Sanskrit language
  17. Certificate in Spanish (part-time)
  18. Certificate in Ticketing and Airfare Construction (Self-Financed)
  19. Certificate in Tour Guiding and Leadership (Self-Financed)
  20. Certificate in Translation Proficiency in English
  21. Certificate in Turkemenian
  22. Certificate in Turkish (Part-time)
  23. Certificate in Urdu
  24. Certificate in Uzbek
School Programme
  1. jamia Girls Sr. Sec. School, Urdu Medium : IX
  2. jamia Girls Sr. Sec. School, Urdu Medium : XI Arts
  3. jamia Girls Sr. Sec. School, Urdu Medium : XI Science
  4. Jamia Middle School : II
  5. Jamia Middle School : V
  6. Jamia Middle School : VI
  7. Jamia Sr. Sec. School Morning Shift : IX
  8. Jamia Sr. Sec. School Morning Shift : XI Arts
  9. Jamia Sr. Sec. School Morning Shift : XI Commerce
  10. Jamia Sr. Sec. School Morning Shift : XI Science
  11. Mushir Fatma Jamia Nursery School : Dareecha KG-I
  12. Syed Abid Husain Sr. Sec. School : I
  13. Syed Abid Husain Sr. Sec. School : IX
  14. Syed Abid Husain Sr. Sec. School : Prep
  15. Syed Abid Husain Sr. Sec. School : VI
  16. Syed Abid Husain Sr. Sec. School : XI Arts
  17. Syed Abid Husain Sr. Sec. School : XI Commerce
  18. Syed Abid Husain Sr. Sec. School : XI Science
  19. X

List of Distance Programmes/Courses

Masters Programmes
M.A Education (MAE)
M.A History (MAH)
M.A Human Resource Management (MHRM)
M.A Sociology (MAS)
M.A. Political Science (MAPS)
M.A. Public Administration (MAPA)
Master of Commerce (MCOM)

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes
Post Graduate Diploma in Geoinformatics (PGDGI)
Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling (PGDGC)

Undergraduate Programmes
  1. B.Ed. (Distance Mode)
  2. Bachelor of Arts (General) (BAG)
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  4. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  5. Bachelor of Commerce - International Business and Finance (BCIBF)
Diploma Programmes
  1. Diploma in Early Childhood Care &Education (DECCE)
Certificate Programmes
  1. Certificate in Computer Hardware and Network Technology (CCHNT)
  2. Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

Jamia Milia Islamia Application Process

All the eligible candidates will be able to apply online for admission to Jamia Milia Islamia. Candidates are required to visit the Jamia Milia Islamia official website - www.jmi.ac.in

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